Voiceworks to Autotask

Voiceworks to Autotask

Integration Description

The VoiceWorks integration enables the user to quickly read the charges downloaded from the VoiceWorks Portal. The integration then provides mapping functionality which the user once requests to map the VoiceWorks customers to the right Autotask customer and corresponding contract. The integration then directly transfers the voip and mobile charges to the right customer contract.

It is possible to post the individual charge lines as charges (the various call types), as well as to post a total charge to the customer contract in Autotask. In addition, the integration checks whether the bookings have not already been posted in Autotask (on the basis of amount, contract and date), so that no double charges can enter into a contract.

VoiceWorks term invoices (monthly):

VoiceWorks monthly invoice is a breakdown of all current services + changes and additions to the customer contracts (with services provided by VoiceWorks). The integration gives the user the possibility to download the invoice from the VoiceWorks portal and to upload it immediately. Subsequently, the user can one-time map customers and associated contracts to see at a glance where changes have to be made and to implement these directly from the integration, with the push of a button. The integration allows both new contracts to be created, charges to be added, and services to be processed on a contract.