D&H Cloud Marketplace to Autotask

D&H Cloud Marketplace to Autotask

Integration Description
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  • 18/12/2019

The monthly invoice from the D&H Cloud Marketplace contains all recurring services, in other words all services purchased in the previous period. The integration between the D&H Cloud Marketplace and Autotask allows the user to automatically read, check and change differences within Autotask at the touch of a button.

How does this work exactly?

You select the desired month from a pull down menu and click on the ‘load invoice’ button. The ApplicationLink platform then automatically retrieves the desired invoice for you at your Cloud Marketplace. The first time you use our integration you have to link the customers, the contracts and the services. You do this once and we remember this for you, so that you can continue immediately the next time you use the integration. If a contract or service is not yet available in Autotask, you can create it directly from within the ApplicationLink platform with the correct data. The ApplicationLink platform will validate the D&H Cloud Marketplace invoice against the Autotask contract and offer the following options based on the feedback:

  • If the cost price of the service does not match, you can change it;
  • If the units of the service do not match, you can change them.