Datawarehousing for Autotask

Datawarehousing for Autotask

Integration Description
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  • 25/11/2019

Is reporting crucial to your business operations but are you currently unable to obtain the necessary information from Autotask?

With the Datawarehouse solution from ApplicationLink you get access to this important information, it’s stored for you in an SQL database and you can then easily import this data into existing reporting solutions such as PowerBI.

More Information

More than 100 entities can be exported from Autotask and here are some examples of datasets:
• Account;
• Contract;
• Product;
• Inventory;
• Invoice;
• Pricelist;
• Project;
• Quote;
• Service;
• Ticket;
• Worktype;

The data is, according to the current AVG guidelines, not stored on our servers. This automatically means that you, as a customer, manage the SQL database on premise or in the cloud.

If you do not (want to) work with Power BI, ApplicationLink can also offer a reporting tool. For more information about the reporting tool, please contact us.